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How It Works

RENEW Theology on Tap is structured around a series of events centering on faith topics of interest to young adults. These events can be held in a restaurant, a parish hall, a coffeehouse, even in a bar—places where young adults already are comfortable and feel welcome. These events feature an engaging speaker presenting a theological topic, time for discussion, faith sharing, and community building.

There are four essential components for the most successful RENEW Theology on Tap program:

  • building a strong core community
  • invitation
  • hospitality
  • follow-up

RENEW Theology on Tap offers all the quality resources and tools parishes and dioceses need to run a successful event. All parishes and dioceses involved in the process are required to register to obtain a license. The fee for the first year is $150. Renewal each year is $75. This license allows the use of the RENEW Theology on Tap name, logo, and materials, as well as the pastoring services of the Pastoral Services team. Additionally, your fee will give you access to the website which offers an online resource library and web tools.