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Multiply your Young Adult Involvement with RENEW International

RENEW International offers an integrated approach to invite Catholics aged 18 to 39 into the life of the Church. We work with young adult ministers in dioceses and parishes, and campus ministers at colleges and universities, to aid them in recognizing and tapping young adult talent in their midst. We provide tools, training, and ongoing support in the areas of faith formation, invitation, and Christian leadership.

Campus RENEW ministers with a team of students to empower them to reach out and form small Christian communities with other students who may never walk into a campus ministry center or attend Mass. Through this outreach, students meet weekly to reflect on the gospel, which leads them to full, conscious, and active participation in the larger Eucharistic community each Sunday, and to witness the message of Christ through acts of service and justice.
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RENEW Theology on Tap offers a program to promote the spiritual growth of young Catholic adults in their 20s and 30s, married or single. It includes a young-adult-planned speaker series, which takes place in local bars, restaurants, or parish halls and includes food, drink, and theological discussion. These experiences are further deepened by young adult involvement in small Christian communities and other follow-up activities, and is ultimately sustained by active participation in the Eucharistic life of the parish and local communities.

Theology on Tap is a great way to meet new friends, discuss common interests, and begin to explore your faith. Check out the Theology on Tap facebook page.

Sometimes though, there is a desire to learn and discuss more. Organizing a small community is an ideal way to follow-up your Theology on Tap experience. In a small community, eight to twelve peers gather to share their faith experience and expand their own understanding of God by listening to the experiences of others. In conjunction with Catholic Relief Services, RENEW International has published weekly reflections for a small Christian community, written specifically for the experience of those in their 20s and 30s. These weekly sessions, available individually on-line in a downloadable format, include a Scripture passage, reflection, questions to start the discussion, and suggested action steps to follow up the discussion. Check them out by clicking HERE.

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