RENEW Theology on Tap FAQs

What is RENEW Theology on Tap?

RENEW Theology on Tap is a program through which the Catholic church seeks to engage young adults in their 20s and 30s. It is centered around a series of events held in a casual setting such as a restaurant, bar, or parish hall where young adults are invited to listen to a speaker, share faith, and dialogue with people who share similar values and experiences. The objective of RENEW Theology on Tap is to provide an opportunity for Catholic parishes and groups to share the richness of Catholic faith with young adults, and offer a setting where people of similar values and faith can gather in a peer community. It is a pastoral outreach offered by RENEW International, a Catholic ministry organization.

Who are young adults?

Young adults are those in their in their 20s and 30s, married, single, or single again, with or without children.

What can I expect to happen at a RENEW Theology on Tap Event?

You can expect a warm and friendly greeting from a team of young adults. You can expect to meet a few people whose beliefs and values are similar to your own. You can expect a powerful speaker ready to challenge you and make you think about topics of faith and daily life. You can expect meaningful discussion and a chance to share your thoughts and experiences. Read more about Theology on Tap Events.

What are popular speaker topics?

Dynamic speakers address real-world topics that challenge young adults to greater faith and a deeper relationship with God. Some titles of past events include, "The Young Adult Experience: Strategies for the Young Adult Years," " Recognizing God in Everyday Events: Is There More Than Meets the Eye?", "The Challenge of Jesus: Is He the One or Should I Look for Another?", "Why Bother With the Church: Especially the Catholic Church?". All talks present solid Catholic teachings in a manner relevant and compelling to young adults.

Check out our facebook page for more speaker topics

What if I am no longer in my 20s or 30s, can I attend an event?
RENEW Theology on Tap offers events for those in their 20s and 30s. If you are not part of this age group, there may be other ways for you to participate such as:

  • Tell your young adult friends, relatives, and coworkers about events
  • Suggest the names of great speakers to parish leaders
Learn more about how to stay involved.

Where can I find RENEW Theology on Tap events in my area?

We encourage users to post their events on the "Attend an Event" section of our website. We also regularly highlight licensed events coming up on our facebook page. A third option is to contact your local parish or diocese to see if they have a Theology on Tap program. If not, encourage them to start one!

Does the Catholic Church approve of RENEW Theology on Tap?

Yes. According to the pastoral letter "Sons and Daughters of the Light," the United States Bishop's Conference calls us to, "Connect young adults to Jesus Christ, the Church, the mission of the Church in the world, and to a peer community in which their faith is nourished and strengthened." Theology on Tap is a program which does just that, and has been successfully evangelizing throughout the Church for over thirty years. In addition, Theology on Tap programs around the country have had their local Bishops as speakers, and have highlighted the value and importance of young adult ministry through Theology on Tap.

Is RENEW Theology on Tap only for Catholics?

Many non-Catholics attend RENEW Theology on Tap events, and some non-Catholic churches even run their own series. RENEW Theology on Tap is a Catholic program, but is welcoming to non-Catholic young adults who wish to attend. If your group is not Catholic but wishes to use RENEW Theology on Tap, we would work with you, and discuss what you'll need to do to make it happen.

Can I drink alcohol at RENEW Theology on Tap events?
Do I have to?

Most RENEW Theology on Tap venues have a variety of beverages to choose from, including alcohol. You are free to drink or not. RENEW Theology on Tap does not promote drinking, but strives to meet young adults where there are, and many gather in bars and restaurants to eat, drink, and socialize.

How do I start a RENEW Theology on Tap effort in my area?

To start RENEW Theology on Tap you need three initial components:

  • A young adult core team composed of 8-10 young adult leaders. This team is charged with organizing and running the events.
  • A supportive Diocese or Parish which will empower young adults to organize and run these events.
  • A license from RENEW International. For a small fee and annual renewal, your group will receive access to information on starting and running Theology on Tap, downloadable promotional templates, and personal consultation with RENEW staff.
For more information see Bring ToT to My Area.

I heard I need permission to run RENEW Theology on Tap. How do I get that permission?

Yes, you need permission in the form of a license and yearly renewal of that license. The Archdiocese of Chicago holds the trademark for Theology on Tap. They have asked RENEW International to administer this trademark. By becoming a licensed user of RENEW Theology on Tap, you have access to a plethora of web resources and tools to ensure your event's success.

Who is RENEW International?

For over 30 years, RENEW International has touched over 25 million lay parishioners in over 13,000 parishes in the United States and millions more in twenty-three countries on six continents. RENEW International’s proven spiritual renewal and faith formation processes focus on developing lay leadership through forming small Christian communities. These communities challenge participants to greater intimacy with God, one another, and the larger Catholic community, and impel them to go forth to live out their faith through serving the local and wider communities.

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