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RENEW Theology on Tap events are a great way for young adults to meet in a casual setting to hear an interesting speaker on a topic of faith, have lively conversation, and enjoy food and drink together. Venues such as restaurants, bars, or coffee shops make for great Theology on Tap settings.

Dioceses or local parishes offer these events so that young adults have the opportunity to experience a sense of community, have a great experience learning about their faith, and feel invited to take part in the ongoing life of the Church. Teams of Catholics in their 20s and 30s organize these events to reach out to their peers.
A typical RENEW Theology on Tap event:
  • When you arrive, the welcoming team invites you to come in, eat, drink, and socialize.
  • A speaker presents on a topic of faith relevant to the faith lives of young adults in the Catholic Church. (30-40 mins)
  • After the presentation is complete, you can discuss your thoughts with the people around you. (15 mins)
  • You may be invited to share the thoughts from your table's small group with the larger group or ask the speaker clarifying questions. (10-20 mins)
  • You can conclude the evening by remaining to continue your conversations and socialize further.

The number of young adults attending events varies. Some events attract close to 100 people, while others usually draw from 20-40.

Diocese and parishes will usually offer a series of three to four events in a month, held once or twice a year. You are welcome to attend events in other parts of the country that you might be visiting.

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